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  • What are ESAs? How are they different from school vouchers?
    ESAs are vouchers by another name. These vouchers use tax dollars taken out of public school budgets to subsidize private school tuition or even online or home schooling. (Source: Arizona Republic)
  • What is SB1431?

    SB 1431, a bill signed into law by Gov. Ducey, aims to expand vouchers to all 1 million Arizona school children. (Source: Arizona Republic) This will bankrupt our state’s public education system and increase disparity in educational standards, especially in rural and outlying communities. (Source: Washington Post)

  • Where does Arizona stand for education funding?

    Arizona ranks 48th for public school funding and student achievement (Source: KTAR) and dead last in the nation for teacher pay. (Source: Arizona Republic)

  • What is the classroom crisis?

    The classroom crisis is also called the “teacher recruitment and retention crisis.” Due to low pay, few resources, and lack of respect, more teachers leave Arizona classrooms each year than graduate from Arizona’s universities. (Source: 12 News Phoenix) More than 2,200 classrooms across the state do not have a permanent teacher. (Source: Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association survey, September 2016) Thousands of Arizona children suffer every day from this unprecedented teacher shortage. (Source: Washington Post) Visit our "Classroom Crisis" page to learn more.

  • What role do vouchers play in the classroom crisis?

    Vouchers take more money away from our already underfunded schools. Official state estimates predict SB1431 will cost the state millions, all coming from cuts to public education. (Source: Arizona Republic)

  • My children attend a public charter school. Will voucher expansion affect us?

    Public charter schools will suffer from voucher expansion too. Charters pay for their own facilities instead of having the funding taken from the state pool, and they don't get money from local bonds or property taxes. (Source: Joint Legislative Budget Committee) When overall school funding is reduced by vouchers, charter school families make up the difference by paying twice: once for voucher expansion AND again to bridge their school's shortfall. (Source: Arizona Capitol Times)

  • My children attend private school. Why shouldn't I get a break on my taxes with a voucher?

    Strong public schools make a strong state. Just as an educated population strengthens our state economy and maintains property values, a poorly funded public school system lowers wages and property values, discourages business from locating in Arizona, and depresses our economy overall. With 95% of Arizona families choosing public schools, our state must invest its resources in those students in order to succeed. See the "Bad for Business" resource tab to learn more.

  • How does this affect our economy?

    Business executives name Arizona's educational system and the workers it produces as major impediments to better economic growth. (Source: Arizona Republic) Businesses are choosing to locate in other states and consistently citing an “undereducated workforce” as the #1 reason for avoiding Arizona. (Source: Morrison Institute)

  • What do voters think?

    Arizona voters across all parties and professions consistently name education as the state’s top priority. Arizonans oppose voucher expansion by a margin of more than 2 to 1, and 97% of them name public education as central to Arizona’s success.

    (Sources: polls conducted 12/2016, 10/2016, 9/2016, 1/2016, 5/2012)

  • I read that SOS has enough signatures to place SB1431 on the ballot in November 2018. What's next?
    The Arizona Secretary of State's office reviewed the petitions and selected a random sample of 5 percent of the signatures to send to Arizona county recorders, who will verify those signatures. (Secretary of State's FAQ here.) The county recorders have 15 business days, or until September 11, to conduct that verification. (Maricopa County Recorder's FAQ here.)
  • I've heard court challenges are in the works?
    Yes. National dark money groups have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into trying to silence Arizona voters. They plan to continue their attacks in the form of frivolous court challenges. Donations will help our outstanding legal team to do what it does best: defend your voice in court.
  • What else can I do?

    Visit our Get Involved page to learn the issues, share with friends, and donate to our campaign.