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Vouchers are Unethical

  • Poorer families are less likely to be able to use ESAs, since vouchers don’t cover most private school costs. They mostly benefit rich families who use the vouchers to reduce tuition they were already paying. (Source: Arizona Republic)

  • In a recent investigation, NPR found private schools turning away children with disabilities and LGBTQ students. (Source: NPR)

  • SB1431 was designed with very little regulation and reporting requirements in terms of what children are learning, how they are keeping up with state and national standards, and how the money is being spent. Already, the much-smaller voucher system has been prone to fraud, with hundreds of thousands of dollars unaccounted for and student achievement rates untraceable. (Source: Arizona Republic)
  • Families who accept these vouchers must sign away numerous rights of privacy and legal protections. Because families are entering into private contracts, the state has no recourse to protect children in private educational settings. (Source: New York Times)