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Vouchers are Bad for Businesses

  • A well-educated workforce is key to state prosperity. States that increase the level of education of their workforce experience higher overall wages. (Source: Economic Policy Institute)

  • Strong public schools, especially, are a central factor. Economists have found a significant financial payoff for states who invest in improving the quality of K-12 public education. (Source: The Atlantic)

  • “Undereducated workforce” is consistently cited as the number 1 reason businesses avoid locating in Arizona. (Source: Morrison Institute)

  • Businesses say communication skills and ability to work with others is the top challenge they face with new employees. Promoting homogenous private and insular home schooling does little to teach Arizona students to communicate across cultural divides and work in teams with people of other cultures and lifestyles. (Source: Fast Company)

  • When schools close or fall into disrepair due to enrollment and funding cuts, this decreases the value of the entire neighborhood causing home values to plummet, crime to increase, and local economy to struggle. Shuttered campuses become havens for crime. (Source: Washington Post)