Join Save Our Schools Arizona on January 6th!

The Legislature is preparing to reconvene in a few short weeks. Meanwhile, Arizona’s schools are still critically underfunded — and our lawmakers have no plan to fix that.

As our elected officials go back to looking under the couch cushions for a few dusty coins for teachers and classrooms, will you stand by and watch? Or will you stand up for every child’s Constitutional right to a “general and uniform public school system”?

It’s time to show our lawmakers we’re serious:

March to Save Our Schools! January 6, 2018. Will you join us?
Follow the link to our Facebook event for more details and to mark yourself as “Going.” Then forward this information to 10 friends, and ask them to join you. Want to do more? We are looking for volunteers to help with the many tasks associated with the March; we’d love for you to sign up.

Want to ride share? Fill out this form to be matched with attendees near you. (There’s also a large group coming up from Tucson.) Driving your own vehicle? View this map for details on where to park nearby.

Two days before our legislators try to head back to business as usual, we’ll be there, demanding real change. It will be a message they can’t ignore. The people of Arizona overwhelmingly support public education — and, together, we can make a difference.

See you there!

The Save Our Schools Arizona Core Team