Happy 7th Birthday SOSAZ!

Happy 7th Birthday, Save Our Schools Arizona!!

All we want for our birthday on April 6th is a well-funded, quality education for every child in every neighborhood!

What are we celebrating?!

SOSAZ is born! Parents, educators and volunteers collect over 110,000 signatures to put universal voucher expansion on the ballot!
Voters reject universal vouchers (Prop 305) by a 2:1 margin– AZ voters love public schools!
SOSAZ focuses on the Capitol, educating AZ voters about Request to Speak, navigating bills, and making their voices heard!
Community Action Teams, led by local parents and educators, are formed across the state!
SOSAZ defeats damaging voucher expansion bills & works with a wide coalition to collect 300,000+ signatures to stop Ducey’s tax cuts for the wealthy!
SOSAZ volunteers contact 1.2 million AZ voters to help elect #PublicSchoolProud lawmakers and school board members across the state!
SOSAZ establishes #VoucherWatch to hold the AZ Legislature accountable & bring the Truth About Vouchers to the press and the public — in Arizona and across the U.S.!
Our year to WIN!!!

Help us keep up the momentum in holding lawmakers accountable, reform universal ESA vouchers, and defend every child’s right to a quality public school in their neighborhood!

Protect Public Education in Arizona!
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