Your contribution will help us elect pro-public education candidates up and down the 2024 ballot, from school board to the state legislature.

Your donation to SOSAZ’s Public Education Defense Fund supports our efforts to:

  • Flip the Arizona state legislature to a body that will prioritize, fund, and defend Arizona’s public school students and educators
  • Recruit, train, and elect public education champions running for local school boards 
  • Fully and equitably fund our local public schools 
  • Stop harmful and unaccountable universal vouchers
  • Promote policies that protect students from hateful attacks, protect public educators’ freedom to teach accurate and truthful science and history in a supportive environment, and stop policies that hurt our most vulnerable students
  • Support school boards and districts against attacks on equity and racial justice initiatives

You can choose how your donation is used:

Donate below if you want to donate to fuel Save Our Schools Arizona’s front-line work to elect pro-public education candidates for the Arizona State Legislature and local school boards. By clicking this option, you are opting IN to Campaign Media Spending under the Voters Right to Know Act.

 I want to donate to Save Our Schools Arizona’s educational effort, but do not wish my donation to be used for voter mobilization, voter communication, or voter education around candidates. By clicking this option, you are opting OUT of Campaign Media Spending under the Voters Right to Know Act.

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