Leadership Team

Beth Lewis, Executive Director


Executive Director

Beth Lewis is a mom, public education advocate, and K-12 policy expert who fights for a fully and equitably funded school for every Arizona child. As Director of Save Our Schools Arizona, Beth works to bring parents, educators, elected officials, business leaders, and community members together in support of Arizona’s public schools, which strengthen our communities and our great state. Beth has taught elementary and middle school in Arizona for 12 years and has been named a Rodel Exemplary teacher and Tempe Diablos Teacher of the Year Finalist. She holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame and a Master’s in Education from ASU. Reach out to Beth at 

Nicky Indicavitch, Statewide Outreach Director



Nicky is a mother of five and a strong advocate for Arizona’s public schools. She began her work in public school advocacy in Arizona seven years ago as a parent group officer and eventually moved over to lead parent group advocacy efforts across the state. She has done extensive work organizing in rural communities and has developed a strong understanding of the needs of Arizona’s rural public schools and communities. Nicky previously served as the Community Outreach Organizer for a statewide K-12 policy coalition and as a rural organizer leading teams of parents and teachers for an Arizona non-profit addressing children’s needs statewide. She is currently the Statewide Outreach Director for Save Our Schools Arizona. Her previous background in social work and community engagement gives her the tools necessary to encourage community members, parents, and teachers to engage in advocacy efforts to address the needs of Arizona’s classrooms. Reach out to Nicky at nicky@sosarizona.org

Sharon Kirsch, Research Director



Sharon is a mom, a teacher, and a public education advocate who believes that the people of Arizona, not out-of-state interests, should drive policy about public education in Arizona. She serves as the Director of Research and tracks efforts in Arizona and across the nation to dismantle public education. With more than 25 years of experience at public universities, she teaches and publishes on women’s literature, poetics, and public discourse. Sharon holds a BA and MA in English and Philosophy from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and a Ph.D. in Poetics from the University at Buffalo. Reach out to Sharon at sharon@sosarizona.org

Catherine Sigmon, Finance & Operations Director



Cathy is a 25-year resident of Arizona with a background in publishing, retail buying, product development, international sourcing, and project management. Her work as Finance & Operations Director for Save Our Schools Arizona involves ensuring financial stability through budgeting and reconciliation across platforms; overseeing the organization’s growing database; managing operational governance, compliance, and record-keeping; and strategic allocation of funds to achieve organizational objectives. Her father was born in Bisbee and her great-grandfather was a timekeeper at the Copper Queen Mine, so her roots are authentically Arizonan. She is the mother of two grown children, both of whom benefitted from good Arizona public schools when education was adequately funded.  In addition to co-founding Save Our Schools Arizona, she is a co-founder of Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, a statewide nonprofit that promotes engagement with state government. She has a BA from Boston University and an MBA from Norwich University. Reach out to Cathy at cathy@sosarizona.org



Melinda has developed and managed editorial content for over 30 years, contributing to publications in a wide range of industries from health care, journalism, advertising and entertainment to professional services and the faith sector. Her knack for summarizing complex legislation in everyday language helps thousands of people across the state engage with public policy, mobilizing and inspiring them to become citizen lobbyists. As Policy Director and Legislative Analyst for Save Our Schools Arizona, she advocates for good public policy that serves the 1.1 million children in Arizona’s public schools. Melinda is a product of Arizona public education from elementary to college, the parent of two children in public schools, and a fierce advocate for public education as the backbone of our democracy. Reach out to Melinda at melinda@sosarizona.org

Rachael Clawson, Marketing Coordinator & East Valley Coordinator



Rachael is an Arizona native, mom of three, and educator. She grew up attending public schools in Tempe and graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in History and Master’s in Secondary Education. She returned to teach History and Government at her alma mater where she discovered a passion for education advocacy. While not currently in the classroom, she has helped to coordinate advocacy efforts in the East Valley and currently serves as the Digital Organizing Director for Save Our Schools Arizona

Outreach Team

Abbie Hlavacek

Tucson Coordinator

Abbie is a product of public schools and a mom with a disability who understands the importance of providing access to education for all children. She is a mother of three and a technology professional with a focus on AI. Her experience living and organizing in the Marana area has given her a deep understanding of the community’s unique needs of families and students. Abbie has experience working with local parent groups and rural communities and is dedicated to ensuring every student has the resources they need to succeed. Her passion for education and technology has led her to become an advocate for schools and communities in Arizona, with a goal of every child having an opportunity to learn.

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