The Truth About ESA Vouchers

ESA vouchers will cost
This year alone.

Get the Facts

  • ESA = “Empowerment Scholarship Account,” a deceptive term for voucher
  • ESA vouchers will cost the state $619 million in 2024
  • Every new ESA voucher represents subtracts funding from our local public schools, which are already funded 47th in the US
  • 80% of new voucher funds are going to students who were already in private school or homeschool
  • 75% of ESA voucher users are from wealthy zip codes
  • Voucher funds are reimbursed by Supt. Horne’s ADE – most expenses are Amazon & Venmo purchases to a massive list of 3000 vendors (
  • Reimbursements include questionable expenditures such as gourmet espresso machines, snow cone maker, home gyms, chicken coops, zoo and bounce memberships, trips, and so much more

In the News

Valley couple says daughter's school is discriminating against them because they are gay

Robbing From the Poor
to Educate the Rich

Trampolines and cowboy classes: Arizona parents take advantage of state’s homeschooling funds

Nation watches as
Arizona’s universal ESA voucher
fiasco fails

Arizona Parents are Using Public Ed $ for Kayaks, Trampolines & SeaWorld Tickets

Lawmakers have decisions to make re ESA vouchers. The average voucher cost to state general fund is $11,000+. The total in AZ is 6X higher than projected.
Nonpartisan JLBC: “We’ve never really faced this circumstance before. You’ve got this requirement but it isn’t funded.”
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